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Second AURORA TEAGARDEN Movie a Go for Hallmark Movies!

We were so excited to see Charlaine Harris post on her Facebook page that the second Aurora Teagarden movie has received the go-ahead from Hallmark Movies!

We don’t know about you, but we’re counting down the days until the first movie, “A Bone to Pick”!

Hallmark Confirms the Aurora Teagarden Movies

Last month we posted the news that Charlaine Harris’ Aurora Teagarden mystery series was being adapted into a series of TV movies for The Hallmark Channel, starring Candace Cameron Bure as Roe. Apparently some loose ends needed to be tied up before the official announcement could be made, but now The Hollywood Reporter has the “exclusive” (ahem) news about the upcoming movie series.

Details like the premiere date, which book the movies will start with, and even how many movies there will be have not yet been released. Stick with us, though, as we continue to cover this project!

Aurora Teagarden Series Coming to Hallmark

Author Charlaine Harris announced via Facebook that The Hallmark Channel is adapting her first series, the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, into a series of two-hour movies.

Exciting news. The Aurora Teagarden books, my first mystery series, are being adapted for the Hallmark Channel as a series of two-hour movies. Candace Cameron Bure is attached. Couldn’t be a bigger contrast to HBO, right? I’m really looking forward to the process, and I’ll be posting when I know dates and the title of the series.

This fansite will follow the movies from development to production to premiere and beyond!